1. Quality Coaching
    This would go for any gym, but especially a CrossFit gym. Coaches need to have a keen eye for detail in these spaces. Movements are fast paced and unique. Some of the bigger lifts require an adaptation of your neurological system as well as the skeletal muscle system. For a coach, knowing where a potential hang-up is, what cues to give and when, will make a significant difference in the speed of your progress.
  2. Foundations program, class or sessions
    CrossFit is still extending its reach into the world as more and more people are becoming interested. Newcomers to the sport need to be sure their gym has some kind of “foundations” or beginners' program either as a class or session. We all need a solid foundation to build on and this will set you up for success and limit your potential for injury. At Rep Eaters CrossFit, we include five complimentary foundations sessions for every membership.
  3. Structured and Varied Programming
    As with any workout program, if you want to advance, exercises need to be cycled and periodized properly. Allowing for adequate adaptation time and recovery is paramount. There are numerous factors to consider when programming, make sure your coaches understand the why behind what they are preaching.
  4. Accountability
    Sometimes accountability is achieved simply by being a member. If you’re paying for it and there is a schedule, you’ll be there. Other times, more is needed. Find out what keeps you accountable and talk to your coach about it. They may offer some variation of a personalized plan or maybe your gym has an app or other tools to help you see your progress. Whatever lights your fire and keeps it burning – fuel it. Consistency is more than half the battle GI Joe.
  5. Class offerings
    Available class times and structures will play right into your accountability. If there is not a class time that works with your schedule, is there another option available? Can you perhaps train one on one or with your own small group? Most gyms recognize peoples’ lives are busy and schedules are constantly changing. Chances are, finding a work around won’t be that big of a challenge.
  6. Cleanliness
    This one speaks for itself. We all live different lifestyles and our opinions of what “clean” means may vary, but there is a base line standard gyms should be upholding.
  7. Ability to manage injury
    Like any sport and in life, injuries do happen. No one plans for it or wants it to happen; but, if and when it does, your gym should have solutions at your disposal. Hopefully one or more of your coaches know what to do in these cases. Experience, often personal experience, with injury is a huge asset to a coach. Talk to your coaches about what they have encountered on their own journey and how they might change the things they did. Most importantly, find out what they would suggest so that injuries don’t happen to you.
  8. Lifestyle support
    What you do outside the gym is even more important than what you do while you are there. You need the overload from your workouts to achieve the changes you are looking for, but you need solid lifestyle habits for those changes to stick. Nutrition, sleep, recovery, supplementation suggestions, are all essential pillars to your success. Prioritize your implementation of them and speak with your coach to figure out the best strategies. Fair warning, some of these may not be easy, be ready!
  9. Enjoyment
    If you’re not enjoying yourself, chances are your fitness journey may be short lived. Community and togetherness are a STRONG part of CrossFit's culture. There’s some kind of magic that happens during the movements that make you feel like you’re connected to your fellow gym mates. It’s truly a unique experience and you won’t find many other things like it.
  10. Success
    Finally, you need to make sure what you are doing is working for you. The meaning of success in your exercise program will vary greatly from one individual to another, only you know what you’re looking for. Be honest with your coach and they will do their best to help you achieve success, that’s what they are there for.